Maritime Open History

The following note & list, from Ken Duff, appeared on chess-ns last year, sometime prior to the Maritime Open in October. I have finally put it (the list) up on the net, and have added as many locations as I was able to....Mar 10, 1998
The other day I dug out the Colpitts Trophy from its current resting place, which is the basement of the Ward Chipman Library, UNBSJ, and wrote down the winners of The Maritime Open since 1947, the first year of the trophy. Maybe someone knows whether or not that was also the first year for the tournament.

The inscription on the trophy read:

"The Colpitts Trophy
Annual Competition
The Maritime Chess Tournament."

There is no indication of Colpitts' first name or who he/she was. Maybe Dan Elman knows.

Here is the list of winners, followed by the city each represents. The city in which the tournament was held, if known, is also listed on the far right.

1947 G.M. LeggettMoncton
1948 Geo. Doyle Saint John
1949 O.P. Doucett Moncton
1950 D.I.D. Rozman Charlottetown
1951 D.M. MacConnellHalifax
1952 D.I.D. RozmanCharlottetown
1953 D.M. MacConnellHalifax
1954 Dr. G. DanilovBathurst
1958 L.A. CampbellSydney
1959 Rod DinkeyHalifax
1961D.I.D. RozmanCharlottetown
1962Alexander PatrickSydney
1963Paul SelickSaint John
1964Harold UuetoaHerring Cove, N.S.
1965Paul SelickSaint JohnSaint John
1966Paul SelickSaint JohnHalifax
1967Paul SelickSaint JohnSaint John
1968Ken DuffSaint JohnHalifax
1969George WallsSaint JohnSaint John
1970Jim MathersHalifaxGreenwood, N.S.
1971George WallsSaint JohnSaint John(?)
1973Jim MathersHalifaxCharlottetown
1974*Bill Doubleday!St Andrew's, NBSaint John
1975*Denis AllanHalifaxHalifax
1976Jim MathersHalifaxSt John's
1977*Carlos Jauregui!SydneyHalifax
1978TTom GibsonMonctonSaint John
1979*Bill Bogle Saint JohnHalifax
1980*Frank SextonSt. John's, NfldCorner Brook, Nfld.
1981*Rick StewartMonctonMoncton
1982*Robert HamiltonFrederictonCharlottetown
1983Carlos Jauregui SydneyHalifax
1984Jim DuffettSt. John'sSt John's
1985Robert HamiltonFrederictonMoncton
1986Robert HamiltonFrederictonHalifax
1987TBrian HartmanOttawaSaint John
1988Gordon GiacominHalifaxHalifax
1989Peter MacKeanKensington, PEICharlottetown
1990Paul ThibodeauHalifaxHalifax
1991*Joe HortonFrederictonMoncton
1992*Fred McKimSaint JohnSummerside, PEI
1993*Jonathan MacDonaldSaint JohnWolfville, NS
1994*Fred McKimSaint JohnBathurst
1995Jonathan MacDonaldSaint JohnSummerside
1996 Glenn CharltonHalifaxHalifax
1997* Eddie UrquhartHalifaxHalifax
1998*T Neil DavisSaint JohnSaint John
1999*T Alvah MayoWestville, NSCharlottetown
2000* Fred McKimCharlottetownDartmouth, NS
2001* Fred McKimCharlottetownDieppe, NB
2002*T Anthony HowarthCharlottetownCharlottetown
2003* Justin GulatiCharlottetownHalifax
2004* Ryan HarperFrederictonSaint John
2005*T Anthony HowarthCharlottetownCharlottetown
2006* Gary NgHalifaxHalifax
2007* Anthony HowarthCharlottetownHalifax
2008* Jonathan MacDonaldSaint JohnFredericton
2009* Anthony HowarthCharlottetownFredericton
2010* Gary NgHalifaxHalifax
2011* Aaron CooperFrederictonSaint John
2012* Victor HavikNorwayHalifax
2013*T Elias OussedikMonctonCharlottetown
2014*T Adam DorranceCambridge, NSFredericton

It's probably of no interest to anyone but myself, but an * by the year means that I played, a T means that I directed.

In 1974, The first year I played, the event was known as the Maritime Championship. The winners of the event in 1974 and 1977 (and likely some earlier years, as well) qualified for the subsequent Canadian Closed. For 1975 the event was renamed the Atlantic Championship. By 1980 the event was renamed the Atlantic Open Championship, and a separate Atlantic Invitational Closed was also held. In 1991 the event was renamed the Maritime Open Championship. Throughout this time, despite the name changes, the one consistent factor has been the tradition of playing on the Thanksgiving weekend.
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